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3 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Michael Goodart Says:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I would be interested in being a vendor for the event. I have 9-12 project based T-Shirts, buttons, etc.

    I have a political science degree and have ran for office in Missouri where I’m from. I could speak to the marketization of our politics and how we can overcome it.

    Thank you


  2. Bolafeld Says:

    I am a songwriter, and am trying to attend this event. I have written an acoustic-driven album called “Covert Oversion” to raise money for the freedom movement. I am wondering if it would be possible to perform a set of my songs for entertainment “filler” in between speakers, which will also present my material to a potential “investor” who may have a home recording studio or is a producer who can help me to finish my product and get it out for sale to start raising money. Whoever helps me will also help me decide where the proceeds go. If you have ties to Campaign for Liberty, then I will lean in that direction…same with LibertyRestorationProject.Org, Infowars, etc. Please let me know what I can do/should do to try to accomplish this…and just to let you know, I have also written another album called “SubLyme Ascent” to raise money for Lyme research, since I am sick with Lyme and co-infections as well, and have no money or means to get treatment yet…. I was a professional chef in KC before I got too sick to work, and I am putting all my hope to get well and care for my family into my passionate music… Tahnk you for your time,


    Brandon Bolafeld

    PS I have tons of awesome freedom quote bumper stickers for sale at Zazzle.Com/Bolafeld

  3. tom Says:

    As vice chair of the MO RLC I’m so looking forward to this event. I will also be bringing our line of American Made tee shirts which allow you to proclaim your status as a domestic terrorist. Our tees are made here in Springfield, MO and the screen printing is done in Seymour, MO by a women owned company. I also believe by that time we’ll have Domestic Terrorist Bottled Water so stop on over say hello and lets make this an event for the ages. Join my face book page @

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