Gilbert Arizona Tea Party – Pastor Steven L Anderson Speaks AZ

Pastor Steven L. Anderson
Gilbert Arizona Tea Party
July 4, 2009

I’d love to have him speak at MWLF and  wondering if you agree – I think his remarks actually sum up the mission of our festival to bring the rignt and the left together.  Watch the video and see if you agree!


Survey Monkey Released – need your input this week!

Please share this survey with everyone you know and send in your thoughts this week!  Just follow the link and let us know your thoughts on a stupendous Midwest Liberty Fest in the fall.  We want to have it where you want it and also to get your input on the speakers and the bands too.  Please post on meetups and share with your email lists.

The more people working on this project the funner it will be for all!!”

Here’s Catherine’s email received tonight.

OK here is the updated – should be ready to go viral.  I am getting some bounceback emails, fyi, so I’m not sure I’m reaching everyone…

Surveymonkey for Midwest Liberty Fest planned for Fall 2009

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Freedom reaches across party lines.