Open Thread for Speaker Nominations

Sherry noted that she has thought about more speakers.

Add your further nominations for speakers as comments here.


9 Responses to “Open Thread for Speaker Nominations”

  1. ewjohnson Says:

    Leave your comments here.

  2. Nancy Says:

    How about Jim Guest or Louise DuMaurier from his office to be speakers.

  3. Joetta Deutsch Says:

    I would like to hear Devvy Kidd speak. She has a wide-ranging knowledge of all issues of concern.

  4. Sandra Crosnoe Says:

    Suggesting Wayne Allyn Root (vp libertarian candidate 2008) and agreeing with others on Chuck Baldwin and Devvy Kidd as people I would love to hear also./sc

  5. Steve Shute Says:

    I would recommend Katherine Albrecht (SpyChips) as a great speaker on personal privacy rights and RFID. I would also heartily recommend Jim Guest and Chuck Baldwin.

  6. John Naese Says:

    How about Valinda Rowe, spokesperson for A good speaker, about an issue directly tied to liberty, as Illinois is one of only two states without right to carry.

  7. Dave McCormack Says:

    I would love to hear Chuck Baldwin, Adam Kokesh, Bill Kauffman, Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, and Naomi Wolf (although I am a conservative, it seems advantageous to attract those who do not call themselves conservatives).

  8. Stuart Levy Says:

    How about Rich Whitney, who was Green Party candidate for IL governor? He and his wife live in southern IL; both spoke well at the ICJPE peace/justice/environment conference this spring.

    Like the ideas of Adam Kokesh and Naomi Wolf too.

    Glenn Greenwald would be a dream. Likely he’s too busy to come, but it’d be cool to ask.

    John Nichols, of The Nation, would be another. Among writings of his, I admire “Against the Beast”, a collection of anti-war and anti-imperialist writings, and Nichols’ commentary, from George Washington to the invasion of Iraq. Has much for both people on the Left and the libertarian Right to appreciate.

  9. Bob Schlereth Says:

    I would like to see Will Grigg, Tom Eddlem, Naomi Wolfe and Katherine Albrecht .

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