DuQuoin State Fairgrounds

DuQuoin is one of the older towns in southern Illinois.   http://www.duquoin.org It is progressive as well as southern Illinois “laid-back”.   The name comes from Jean-Baptiste DuQuoin born in 1750, son of a Frenchman and a Tamaroa indian woman.
He became chief of the Tamaroa tribe at the age of 17.  DuQuoin means “of coin“.
DuQuoin State Fair was established as a private fairground in 1923 on a 1200 acre reclaimed strip mine site
and was privately owned until it was sold to the State of Illinois in 1985.  It is managed by the Illinois Department of

DuQuoin Fairground is a popular and beloved site with an excellent reputation.

1.  Location:

http://tinyurl.com/nx49nh (Google Maps)

DuQuoin has a reasonably central location.
US 51 goes through DuQuoin and it is near to I-64 and I-57.
It is serviced by Amtrak’s Saluki and  Illini lines (~$30 ticket from Chicago, $16 from Champaign-Urbana)
Airports are at Marion MWA – 30 miles and St Louis STL (90 miles)

2.  Facilities.

There are many buildings on the 1200 acre site and  places to pitch tents.
The covered grandstand has a very large stage and seating for about 10,000.

There is 30000 sq ft exhibition hall and numerous small buildings.
Prices for renting are reasonable and they are willing to negotiate a package deal with us.

All dates from the middle of September to the middle of October are available.

3.  Security:

a.  Police –  There is a big difference between a helpful security presence and police-state thuggery.  We are talking about possibly 10,000 people for whom we have some sense of responsibility, and nationally and internationally known speakers to whom we must provide excellent hospitality and aid for safe passage.  The district 13 State Police is nearby.  We would expect them to be friendly and supportive allies.

b.  Emergency care –
Whereas we expect personal responsibility and mutual aid from all, in large groups there can be issues.
DuQuoin has hosted the state fair since 1923.  There are paramedical and other services available who
are experienced with all possible contingencies.

4.    Camping and Lodging.

On the fairground itself, there are over 1000 RV accessible hookup (electric/water), and shower facilities are available.

Rend Lake is nearby with its associated parks. http://www.rendlake.com http://dnr.state.il.us/Lands/landmgt/parks/R5/WAYNE.HTM

There are many hotels and motels nearby.  http://www.agr.state.il.us/dq/index.php?pg=127

South of Carbondale, there are several parks.

5.  Restaurants, provisions, shopping

Numerous restaurants and shops are nearby in DuQuoin and nearby towns Marion, Herrin, Carbondale, Mt.Vernon, etc.

6.  Parking  –

no problem

7. Accessibility

Accessible parking and rest room facilities are available throughout the grounds.   An accessible tram unit is available on the fairgrounds.

8.  Other activities.

The Shawnee National Forest to the south is a large natural area with many opportunities.

Rend Lake has fishing, boating, and a shooting range.


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