The Fight.

I stare into the cavernous, darkened hall
with the broad, now poorly back-lit stage
exhibiting dust-covered podiums.
Ten of them.

A lone janitor leans a shop broom against one
as he prepares to dismantle and take them away.
Except for one.

I strain to remember images now faint,
behind the podiums,
loud, trumpeting,
arms fanning like windmills,
the ones who made no difference.
Forgotten losers.

I turn from the hall door to see,
standing taller yet taller on the horizon,
the one Leader,
indelibly marking the way.

Then some distance behind this one,
a few, now many, now growing to a throng,
inexorable, fearless,
taking up the fight.

I look back again into the room at the barren stage.
I understand.

It’s time for me,
to take my place in the fight
for liberty
and our Constitution.

– Barry Holley.

Barry Holley has been in the fight for several years.
He is a true Patriot and a good friend and comrade.


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